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Danielle Rizzo

Danielle Marie Rizzo is a talented real estate operations specialist with over a decade of industry experience. As the Chief Operating Officer for the Limitless LMK Team, she fosters an environment that encourages continuous learning, innovation, and adaptability, ensuring the team remains at the forefront of industry trends and delivers unparalleled value to their clients.

Danielle has been an operations manager for reputable agents and teams throughout her career. She is exceptional at optimizing processes, enhancing team efficiency, and promoting seamless operational dynamics for agents, partners, and clients. Her unique perspective stems not only from her deep knowledge of industry procedures and systems but also from supporting and managing highly successful real estate professionals.

Danielle is thrilled with the opportunity to establish the Limitless LMK Team brand as a trailblazing name within the New York City, Hamptons, and Florida markets. Founded by Lauren Mitinas-Kelly, the team comprises knowledgeable, service-focused agents specializing in luxury properties, high-end clientele, investors, and new developments. Their passion, authenticity, and accessibility to everyone define them.

Danielle grew up and still resides in Maryland. Raising four wonderful children has shaped her perspectives on leadership while helping her understand the importance of balance and adaptability. It has also instilled in her a drive to create a lasting impact that extends beyond the office. Outside of work, she loves being outdoors, spending time with her children, working out, and traveling.

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