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Connect is your personal referral management service designed to save you time while growing your network, business, and revenue streams.

Qualified Lead Generation

Our referral community spans 110 countries worldwide and is comprised of a growing network of thousands of trusted real estate professionals. We identify key qualifiers to match your referral with the perfect partner. Our proprietary database accounts for everything from property size and type to an agent's level of experience and local market expertise.

Customized  Service

SERHANT. Connect nurtures the entire referral process, working with you from the initial step of finding a qualified partner agent all the way through closing. You will receive regular updates on your client's search and can rest easy knowing Connect makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Save Time

Managing your own referral network is time-consuming. SERHANT. Connect handles agent selection, agreements and administrative work, and deal monitoring; reclaiming valuable time you can use to focus on other aspects of your business. 

Easy To Use

With SERHANT. Connect, all you have to do is fill out a simple referral request form and leave the rest to us. We'll find a trusted agent in the right location, consult with you before selecting a partner agent and introducing them to your client, and send you the referral commission once the deal closes. 


Your Referral Concierge 

Our National Community Manager is your primary point of contact when using Connect. The personalized and concierge-like approach will allow you to focus on honing other aspects of your business without losing any momentum on your referral revenue stream. As our network expands, you’ll have even more referral options and commission opportunities! 

How Connect Works


SERHANT. Connect is your personal referral management service designed to help you save time while growing your network, business, and revenue streams. A referral is when a referring real estate agent refers a client to another qualified real estate professional to complete the client’s home buying or selling process. This is common practice, especially when the client is looking to buy/sell in a different state. 

SERHANT. Connect is great to use whenever you have a client looking to buy/sell outside of your scope of work or location. Connect has access to a growing global network spanning 30 countries and thousands of qualified real estate professionals. 

You can use SERHANT. Connect whether you’re a SERHANT. agent, part of Ventures Pro, or a Ventures Member based in any city in the world. All you need is a valid real estate license and a client you’d like to refer.

When you want to refer a client, Connect will help you find a trusted real estate professional in the right location, put an agreement in place, and provide regular follow-ups and updates on your client’s deal. Connect will also manage commission distribution once your client’s deal closes. 

In general, referral business is great because it can increase your profit margins and expand your own network of clients and agents. The added benefit of using SERHANT. Connect is that you gain more exposure and reach while putting in less effort and time. You won’t have to research and reach out to agents in different markets, worry about getting a referral agreement in place, or spend time following up to receive your commission after your client’s deal closes. Connect handles all the legwork so you can focus on other aspects of your business. 

To use SERHANT. Connect for an outgoing referral use the link below, or to learn more about joining our network, simply reach out to [email protected].

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