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The Sales Toolkit

The Serhant Way to sell more, earn more, and become the ultimate sales machine.


Brand It Like Serhant

Brand is everything, and good branding is what makes the difference between dreams that are crushed to rubble and dreams that become your reality. Whether you’re a broker, a stylist, or a contractor, your end goal is the same: get leads and generate new business. You want people to think of you the split second they consider looking for an apartment, getting highlights, or redoing that guest bathroom. And while building a brand from scratch sounds daunting, the authentic you is already a brand.


The Confidence Blueprint

The proprietary techniques and insights that can take you straight to the top (and faster than everyone else). People with BME never stop learning, earning, and growing.


Sell it Like Serhant The Book

A lively and practical guide on how to sell anything and achieve long-term success in business.


RLTY Capital

RLTY Capital is a real estate tech platform and specialty finance firm backed by Ryan Serhant. RLTY enables real estate agents, brokerages, and developers to secure commissions and funding upfront with a seamless, stress-free application process and no hidden fees.


Major League Pickleball

Mad Drops Pickleball Club is helmed by General Manager Zubin Mehta and a crazy juggernaut ownership group led by venture capital firm Good Alpha Industries along with Ryan Serhant, Super Bowl Champion Drew Brees, and others.


Blank Street Coffee

Founded in 2020, Blank Street Coffee offers high-quality, affordable coffee and food. With a focus on customer experience and ethical sourcing, the brand has quickly expanded from a single cart in Brooklyn to multiple locations in the U.S. and abroad.


Update Energy Drink

Update offers a caffeine-free, sugar-free energy drink powered by Paraxanthine, a compound that provides focus and energy without the usual side effects like jitters or crashes. With a variety of natural fruit flavors, Update is revolutionizing the energy drink market.

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