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Todd Sheridan

Todd Sheridan is a seasoned talent acquisition leader and business development executive with over a decade of real estate experience. As Vice President of Strategic Growth, Todd works with company leadership to shape big-picture growth while implementing long-term planning on a tactical, day-to-day level. He also seeks out enhancement opportunities in established SERHANT. locations and assesses the viability and growth potential of new expansion markets.

In his previous role, Todd ran recruitment and mergers & acquisitions on the eastern seaboard for a nationally recognized firm. He also spent a short stint in a similar position in the mortgage industry. He joined SERHANT. because he believes in putting agents first and sees the need to revolutionize the traditional brokerage model. He is excited to introduce the SERHANT. brand to new cities and states and find passionate agents who align with the company’s mission.

Todd is a retired ice hockey goalie who grew up in Edison, New Jersey and went to high school in Connecticut. His hockey career took him to Texas, Canada, and Western New York. He has visited nearly every state in the U.S. and now lives back in New Jersey with his wife, their young daughter, and a rambunctious Goldendoodle. In his free time, Todd enjoys woodworking and growing organic vegetables. He loves cooking and eating with his family, and he gets back out on the ice whenever he can.

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