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Pallavi Mohoni

Pallavi is a friendly and approachable entrepreneur with a passion for real estate. Born and raised in Mumbai, she ventured into the business world by establishing her own successful clean beauty brand. With a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, Pallavi's analytical mindset and attention to detail make her a valuable asset in the real estate industry.
Having grown up with her father's real estate investments, Pallavi developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the intricacies of the market. Her personal experience of purchasing her own apartment in Manhattan in 2021 ignited her love for real estate even further, allowing her to empathize with clients and comprehend their needs firsthand.
Beyond her expertise in real estate, Pallavi's diverse interests and pursuits add depth to her character. She is not only passionate about her work but also finds fulfillment in teaching yoga and meditation, engaging in volunteer work, and exploring new culinary experiences at local restaurants. Her multifaceted nature enables her to connect with people on various levels, creating meaningful and lasting relationships.
Pallavi's friendly demeanor, combined with her in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry, positions her as a reliable and relatable partner in the pursuit of finding the perfect property. Whether clients are searching for their dream home or looking to make strategic investments, Pallavi's commitment to understanding their unique requirements and delivering exceptional service ensures a smooth and rewarding experience.
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