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Kelsey O'Connor

Kelsey O’Connor is a dedicated property advisor and entrepreneur who works with first-time buyers, renters, sellers, investors, and developers throughout the Hamptons market. Her proactive professionalism is grounded in an approach that prioritizes client goals. She is honest and transparent and known for being communicative, attentive, and, above all, reliable.
Kelsey has a degree in Hospitality/Event Management and has been a top-performing sales and marketing professional her entire career. In addition to real estate, she has experience in hospitality, advertising, branding, and fashion. She is the founder and owner of #FORTHEWEEKEND, a lifestyle brand specializing in women’s weekend apparel. She is exceptional at building and maintaining client relationships, and she has a natural talent for staying one step ahead and keeping deals moving smoothly.
Born and raised in Massachusetts, Kelsey attended college in Rhode Island before moving to Manhattan in 2015. Now living in the Hamptons, she finds herself returning to her family’s real estate roots. She loves traveling and continues to pursue her interest in fashion. She is also passionate about interior design, architecture, and health and wellness. Feel free to reach out to her through social media, phone, or email.
  • Dedicated Property Advisor in the Hamptons Market
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