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Buyer’s Guide

Our agents use every means at our disposal to make you feel comfortable and informed throughout the home buying process. 

The Buying Process


The most important thing you should know is how much you can comfortably spend on your home. If you're financing your purchase, you'll want to get pre-approved by a lender. If you're paying all cash, you'll need to be able to show proof of your assets. And remember, even if you're financing, you'll likely need to have enough cash available to make a down payment. Depending on the type of financing you get, that amount can be 5%, 10%, or even 20% of your total loan. 


Aside from knowing the specifics of the home you want (i.e. how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.), you should create a list of the top two or three neighborhoods you want to live in.  

Contract & Board

During a sales transaction, an attorney representing a seller will draw up a contract for the buyer’s attorney. The buyer—with the help of their agent and attorney—will then be allowed to perform due diligence on the property to ensure it doesn't have any hidden baggage. Due diligence includes home inspections, appraisals, title searches, land surveys, disclosures, and more. 

Mortgage & Approval

If you’re already pre-approved, this part is so much easier! Mortgage applications cannot be processed without an executed contract. You can apply for a mortgage at the bank that pre-approved you or you can shop around to see if you can get a better. Mortgage applications typically require your employment information, assets and debts, income, credit history, and details about the home you want to purchase. 

Closing & Move-In

After mortgage approval, managing agents generally set a closing date and buyer and seller attorneys coordinate with the appropriate banks on available dates and times. After closing, you’ve officially purchased your new home. Your search has finally come to an end and it's time to celebrate! 

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