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Sarah Raumaker

Sarah Raumaker is the operational cornerstone of The Home Squad in Orlando, renowned for her meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her journey in the real estate landscape began with a flourish. In her initial two years in production, Sarah’s natural ability to connect with clients and deliver remarkable results quickly made her a standout performer. Despite this early success in sales, Sarah discovered her true calling in the operational aspects of the business.
Transitioning from frontline sales to operations, she took on the role of Chief Operations Officer at The Home Squad. Here, Sarah’s impact was transformative. She ensured every transaction was handled with precision and care, setting a new standard in operational efficiency and client satisfaction. Her role has been pivotal in upholding and enhancing the team’s reputation for unparalleled service.
Before embarking on her real estate journey, Sarah enjoyed a successful acting career in New York. The skills and experiences garnered in this dynamic environment have been instrumental in her real estate career, particularly in understanding diverse client needs and managing complex situations with grace and agility.
Sarah’s personal life is as vibrant and fulfilling as her professional one. She is a devoted mother to five wonderful children – three sons and two daughters. Her role as a mother intertwines beautifully with her professional endeavors, bringing empathy, resilience, and a nurturing approach to her leadership style.
In her role at The Home Squad, Sarah’s influence extends beyond operational management. She is integral to shaping the team’s culture, fostering an environment where every member feels valued and motivated. Her leadership style has helped create a team that operates like a close-knit family, dedicated to mutual growth and collective success.
As a key member of SERHANT. Orlando, Sarah brings her expertise, passion, and visionary leadership to the forefront. Her role transcends managing operations; it’s about creating a lasting legacy of operational excellence and nurturing an environment where innovation and teamwork flourish.

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