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Michael Skokowski

He is a dynamic leader with a proven record of success. His visionary approach and exceptional coaching skills have helped him build and lead high-performing teams, driving growth for the organizations he has worked with.

Michael began his real estate career working with the top brokerage in Philadelphia, which developed his understanding of the real estate market. He became well-versed in identifying and assessing opportunities for growth expansion. His ability to communicate a clear and compelling vision, combined with my strategic decision-making, has enabled him to successfully navigate complex challenges and seize new opportunities.

Michael has also garnered attention with his creatively produced charity events with The PSPCA and exclusive VIP client events with Ferrari, WheelsUp, and Porsche.

He is passionate about coaching and developing talent and has a strong commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and accountability. He has a proven ability to inspire and motivate teams to reach their full and achieve outstanding results.

He has focused on achieving success through a commitment to hard work, innovation, and thinking. He is driven by a desire to exceed expectations and is dedicated to delivering exceptional value to agents, clients, and friends.

Michael holds degrees in Marketing, English Literature, and Communications from Rutgers University.

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