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Katia Diaz

Residing in New York City for over six years, Katia calls it her true home. She has brought her crafted media, marketing skills, and knowledge to the world of real estate. Katia’s love for connecting with people, outgoing personality, and entrepreneurial spirit drove her toward real estate; along with her greatest inspiration of all: the entrepreneurial influence from her family. She uses her skills to form personable relationships which allows her to provide exceptional service for others. Connecting with all types of individuals is a quality that comes natural for Katia. Overall, she is attentive and listens to her client’s needs.
What sets Katia apart the most from other agents is her ability to adapt, listen, and connect to a variety of people, environments, and cultures. She was born in a foreign country, grew up in Los Angeles, lived abroad, and now resides in one of the world’s greatest cities. “I love connecting with all types of people, no matter where they come from or who they are. My exposure to diversity has transformed how I adapt and connect to all sorts of relationships online and in person!” Katia believes having a positive and disciplined mindset is the true key to success, especially when it comes to communicating well with her clients. Whether buying, selling, or renting, working with Katia is a positive, fun, and successful experience! Her energy and enthusiasm is electric.


Quickly growing my real estate social media account, less than a year, and having some videos even go viral. Collaborating with other real estate creatives and being featured in youtubers videos.

Fun Facts:

When I am back on the west coast, where I am originally from, I love to surf! My favorite hobby though would have to be Tennis. My favorite sport to watch is definitely basketball, which I always did with my dad. I also was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and often like to go back and visit family! I like to relax by biking through parks, reading, or trying new restaurants! My true aspirations lie in traveling though. London and Madrid are my favorite cities. My true joy lies in exploring new cities and trying new foods. I love immersing myself into new cultures. 


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