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David Rosen

My name is David. I am husband to an amazing wife, father to a precocious child, and real estate broker to the leaders of business and their communities. As a real estate broker, I provide five-star service at all times. Reviews from wife and child are not available at this time, but generally favorable. 

Raised in Brooklyn, not far from where I own an apartment myself, I know the markets I serve in Manhattan and Brooklyn quite deeply. I know the shops, boutiques, and pizzerias in addition to the schools, and transportation. My insightful memory and outside the box experiences have helped me negotiate unbelievable deals for my clients. 

I have worked on behalf of C-level executives for corporations such as Google, Union Square Hospitality Group, and many others. I have helped the President of the American Association of Psychologists, the “Most Sought-After Piano Teacher,” according to Steinway and Sons, and the former Secretary of Defense for Germany all with their NYC housing needs. From notable tech founders to celebrities, creatives and even retirees and students. As I say to my team - we don’t choose who comes into ‘the restaurant,’ but we give them all a five-star experience. Our abundant deal flow is the compounded nature of over 19 years in the business. I am well known for being knowledgeable about all things in my field. 

A big turning point in my life was in May of 2020. In addition to the pandemic, my girlfriend discovered that there were uninvited small furry creatures living in my home. I was renting an apartment in Greenpoint at the time.  There was a strong desire to move. I found some rental options, and I figured since it was Covid, I was going to have good luck. It turns out I was right, but not in the way I hoped. Despite an excellent financial profile, I was rejected in favor of someone else applying to a rental. This made me annoyed. I looked all over the web and found a good condo. I negotiated 10% off the price, did a deal with 15% down, and bought it. 

While we were in contract, we discovered we were expecting a child. We didn’t know if our new two-bed was going to work long-term, so we moved in, made it lovely, but kept our eyes open. Then, our new condo had a leak. This annoyed us, but we also were troubled by other items in the home and the make-up of the building’s board. Everyone was nice, but there were multiple investors and low reserves, and the home just wasn’t big enough for three. 

We moved out so the leak could be fixed and found a dream apartment while looking in our number one neighborhood - Brooklyn Heights. We made a full-price offer, and it was accepted. We sold the covid condo we had bought, and made a good profit - we paid $900,000 with only 15% down and exited at $1,187,500 after 2 years. It was not the only real estate I transacted on my own in the past few years. We then did a gut renovation in Brooklyn Heights, adding laundry and central air. I mention all of this because it's a special experience, renovating a cooperative apt, and having done it, I advise others on it frequently.  

If you have taken the time to read this much, I can also share that I am an alumnus of the Rhode Island School of Design and have always leaned into my education to a competitive advantage. After school, and in my first job in the industry, I became an expert in real estate finance and construction. 

I like to say we work with the smartest customers. Maybe you are a little bit like me, and if you are, let’s connect and discuss your goals. My team has the experience and skills that deliver in good and bad market conditions. 


Over 1,000 transactions and $1B sold 

Alumni of the Rhode Island School of Design 


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