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Amanda Gerber

Born in Buffalo, New York, Amanda Gerber's journey from the cold winters of the north to the warmth of the South is a tale of resilience, education, and a passion for helping others navigate life's challenges. A graduate of Orchard Park High School, Amanda's pursuit of higher education led her to the University of South Carolina, where she embraced the vibrant culture of the South. It was during this time that she not only expanded her academic horizons but also found love. The newly in love couple then moved even further south so Amanda could attend graduate school at the University of South Florida. After marrying and welcoming two children into her life, Amanda graduated with flying colors, earning her Master's degree from the University of South Florida.

Her professional journey began in the field of mental health therapy, where Amanda honed her skills in effective communication. For more than a decade, she worked tirelessly with children, families, and couples, imparting invaluable insights into the art of fostering understanding and empathy.
As her children grew, Amanda's priorities shifted, leading her to make a pivotal career change in 2019. Guided by the belief that careers find individuals, Amanda transitioned into the dynamic world of real estate. Leveraging her education, perseverance, and exceptional communication skills, she quickly made a mark in the industry.
In her first year, Amanda achieved record-breaking sales prices in multiple neighborhoods, showcasing her dedication to excellence. Venturing into the commercial realm, she orchestrated transactions where she was able to contract over $42,000,000 in land development as a rookie – a testament to her strategic acumen and business prowess.
With a keen eye for potential and a passion for cultivating deals, Amanda excels in leveraging relationships with national home builders, third-party land developers, and land sellers alike. Her strategic insights and unwavering commitment to excellence have solidified her reputation in the real estate industry, transforming visions into vibrant, sought-after communities. Amanda’s dedication to her craft and her client sets her apart, making her a trusted partner in every land development endeavor.
Beyond her professional accomplishments, Amanda remains grounded in her commitment to family and community. Her story exemplifies the transformative power of education, adaptability, and the unwavering determination to make a positive impact on the lives of others.
As she continues to navigate the complex terrain of real estate with grace and resilience,  Amanda Gerber stands as an inspiring figure, proving that each chapter in life can lead to new and fulfilling horizons.

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